What is a Sky Router?

Should you opt for a Sky router? Will this satisfy your need for speed? Are the routers made by this company built to last for a long time? Sky Broadband provides only the best router for their customers. When you avail the packages from Sky, the router will already be included in the bundle. Of course, Sky would not want to ruin their reputation and lose the trust of their clients just because their routers do not deliver excellent performance. Continue reading

What is a D-Link Router?

There are a lot of popular brands for routers these days. It can not be denied that the competition is actually becoming tougher and tougher because manufacturers of routers continue to make their products more impressive by the day. Router manufacturers are infusing better technology and using enhanced components to deliver better features. Despite the tight competition, D-Link remains on top of its game. The wireless routers that D-Link provides can easily beat other options. Continue reading

WiFi Router Security – Securing Your Wireless Network


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One of the most important considerations to make when choosing a WiFi router is whether it can keep your network safe and secure from unauthorized access. It’s not just about sharing your Internet connection. When you have other people access your network, it means they can also view and access all your shared files. Now, that sounds scary. Thankfully, WiFi routers come with built in security features, but there are also some things you have to take note of. Continue reading

How to Install Your WiFi Router


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One of the most important devices these days is the WiFi router. These devices allow us to make our Internet connection available to any device wirelessly, as long as that device connects to the router. Many Internet service providers these days provide free routers for their customers to use, and many different types of routers are also available for customers who don’t get free routers. Once you get your router, however, you have to install and configure it first. Here’s a simple guide on how to get your WiFi router up and going. Continue reading

How a Good WiFi Router Will Speed Up Your Internet


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Planning to buy a WiFi router? There’s one good thing to keep in mind: a good WiFi router will speed up your Internet connection. This will help you choose the right kind of router that will provide an additional benefit to you other than making your Internet connection available wirelessly. Continue reading