Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub Review

There has been a major buzz in the market long before the Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub was officially introduced. People are so eager to get one because of the amazing specifications that this router has. True enough, when this was finally released, users were truly satisfied with its performance.

This router was specifically designed and carefully engineered by Sky to ensure that they will be able to satisfy the demands of their customers who are in dire need of a reliable and ultimately fast internet connection. Sky bundles it with their Sky Fibre Unlimited Packages which makes their offers even more cost-efficient. Since the company pumped up the speed of the connection that they deliver to their customers, they had this router created to ensure that the connection would not slow down just because the router is not at par. Without a doubt, this router is one of the best that Sky ever came up with.

SR101 Router Design and Appeal

The design is the first indicator that the Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub is a top of the line product. It has a very stylish look which exudes elegance. The router is enclosed in a rectangular white casing in glossy finish, which makes it look really sleek and sophisticated. Unlike the conventional routers, this does not have a cradle which would hold it upright and it is not horizontally oriented too. It stands upright even without a base because the width is slightly thicker than the traditional routers. Upon receiving the router, a notice is attached to one side which says that the router performs best when placed upright. When it stands up, the inner components function more smoothly. Aside from that, the router remains well ventilated when it is vertically positioned.

The only embellishment on the router is the embossed, silver brand name of the company on the front panel. The side panel is where the indicator lights are found which is far different from the traditional and boring LED lights. Sky played around a bit with the design of the icons, making it look a bit more whimsical and fun to use. There are five indicator lights for power and other functions of the router.

SR101 Router Technical Specifications

The Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub does not only look great, it is also packed with amazing features. This router is designed to function on wireless N technology which is the latest protocol these days. Because of its compatibility with 802.11n standard, it can surely handle even the super-fast speed from higher packages that Sky offers. It is also perfect for more complex internet tasks like multimedia streaming, online gaming and video calling.

To make things even better, it is also geared with an ADSL2+ socket. When it comes to data transfer and speed, this is the more reliable technology today. It would not hinder customers to fully enjoy the fast connection which they availed from Sky.

For people who still use laptops, desktop computers and other devices which still require earlier protocols and standards, this router will still do an amazing job. It is backwards compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g and ADSL.

The advantages of using this router do not end there yet. The exterior of the router may seem plain and simple but inside it are four MIMO aerials. The Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) is a spectacular addition to the router and it is even referred to as a smart antenna. Even if the router can only utilize 2.4 GHz bandwidth, its range is more powerful because of the MIMO. It also has much faster throughput and the transmission power is just impressive.

Since Sky really exerted so much effort in making sure that this router will function not just for ADSL but also for fibre connection, they used the Broadcom 6362 chipset. This puts the Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub ahead of all other routers in the market today because of its intense capacity and high durability. It also eliminates common problems such as inconsistent speed, fluctuating signal, weak connection and others.

Yes, this router is perfect for wireless connection because of the remarkable features. On the plus side, this is also recommended for people who want to have a home or SOHO network. There are four Ethernet ports which can be utilized for cabled internet connection. Each can deliver up to 100mb which allows users to maximize the speed of the plan that they got from Sky. Even if all Ethernet ports are used, users can assure that the wi-fi connection would still work perfectly.

Though this router offers a whole lot of fantastic features, customers do not have to worry that it might have high energy consumption. Sky is proud to announce that this router is energy efficient and even complies with the Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment within Europe.

Since this router is engineered to lower energy consumption, users do not have to worry about turning it off when not in use. In fact, Sky even encourages people to keep it running 24/7 to enhance its performance. After all, with the guaranteed durability of this router, users should not fear that it might breakdown easily.

Of course, Sky also takes into consideration that their customers need to have a secure connection whether it is in their homes or SOHO. Hence, this router comes with a built-in Wi-Fi protected set up, OIN, PBC, Internal Registrar, External Registrar, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

SR101 Router Overall Evaluation

All the hype about Sky Broadband SR101 Router Hub before its release is justified because this router truly has features that are worth looking forward to. It is recommended for home use but because of its ultra-modern engineering, it could also handle the needs in small offices.

For people who demand for faster speed and steady connection, this one is a good option. This router is perfect for the higher internet packages from Sky because it can handle super speed. It contributes a lot in improving the internet experience of Sky subscribers.

TheProductSite Overall Router Score: 9.5 /10

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