Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router Review

The Sagem 2304N Router is one of the latest ones that are provided along with the Sky Broadband packages. Sky has carefully picked a router which will work perfectly along with the broadband packages that they are offering to their subscribers. For customers who want to avoid the network bugs and incompatibility issues, it is best to rely on this router. It has the specifications and functions which are needed to fully enjoy the services of Sky.

Sagem 2304N: Aesthetics and Design

The design of the Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router is very modern. It is much smaller than the traditional routers in the market. Although it maintains the classic rectangular shape, it has a very stylish appeal because of the rounded edges.

The surface of the router is in deep black. On the other hand, the front panel is accentuated by dark gray hue. After the initial release of this router, Sky has taken another step in coming up with newer and more advanced models. The version 6 of this same router model can be identified easily because it has a lighter gray surface instead of black.

Sky came up with this design using their existing HD box as a pattern. This is a good thing especially for the customers because it is space-saving. Plus, it is nothing like the older routers which can be such an eyesore. This one looks ultra-modern and very appealing.

To add more impact on the design, the activities of the router can be easily identified using the indicator lights. Sky used small icons which clearly represent each function. Even the active Ethernet connections are easily detected because of the corresponding indicator lights which are found on the right side.

Though it has a horizontal orientation, this router can also be placed vertically if users have a limited space. It comes with an attachable stand which keeps the router upright.

Sagem 2304N: Features and Specifications

It is unquestionable that Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router is one of the finest ones that are available today. This router is geared with the wireless N technology. Internet users today can
not just depend on the earlier protocols. The previous standards are no compatible with the really fast internet connection that ISPs provide these days. Hence, even if customers pay for the highest broadband plan, if their router is incapable of handling the speed, they would not be able to use it to the fullest. Aside from that, websites and other online activities these days require high-performing internet connection. Hence, a router that is as good as Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N is not only useful in small offices but also in homes. With the 802.11n standard of this router, subscribers of Sky would be able to enjoy the impressive speed from the company.

For people who would like to create their network within their home or SOHO, this router will do an excellent job too. It has four available Ethernet ports which can each deliver up to 100 Mbps. It means that the router will easily provide internet connection for up to four local desktop computers or laptops. For computers which constantly perform online tasks which need superb speed and greater bandwidth, it is advisable to use the Ethernet ports for faster connection.

Yes, the cabled internet connection is spectacular but this router offers much more than that. Even if all the Ethernet ports are maximized, it can still provide reliable internet connection. It would have been great if the router has dual band but since it is already geared with the most innovative components, the 2.4 GHz bandwidth will also satisfy users. All thanks to this router, wireless devices and even Wi-Fi compatible appliances will get a decent signal. It is suitable for more complex internet needs like downloading, media streaming and online gaming with its speed up to 72 Mbps.

Sagem 2304N: How to Setup / Connect

Another plus side about the Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router is that it comes along with a software CD. This provides users a step by step procedure on how to connect the Ethernet and ADSL cables, assemble connection to the main phone box, and attach the wires to the computer and everything else in between. A default username and password will be initially provided by Sky.

To activate the Wi-Fi settings, it is necessary to have the Ethernet connection all fixed first. Once the cabled connection is up and running, access the web based interface to create an account for the Wi-Fi connection. It is important to double check and activates the WEP/WPA encryption if the wireless connection is powered on. With the reliable security settings that this router has, users do not have to worry about unauthorized use of the wireless internet.

Sky also provides help and support for their customers for concerns regarding the set-up. It has to be noted though that using a supplementary router or booster is not something that the company encourages. Hence, it is best to use only the Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router which they provide. After all, this is specially picked for the packages that the company offers because its technical specifications perfectly match their services.

Once the router is provided by Sky personnel, it already comes with the necessary accessories such as the adapter or power cable, Ethernet cable, modem cable, splitters, ADSL filter instruction manual, installation software and stand. Hence, there is nothing more that people need to buy just to have the system all set up.

Sagem 2304N Final Assessment

The design of the Sky Broadband Sagem 2304N Router is a step up from the earlier routers that the company provides to their customers. The best thing is that it is not just the looks which have been upgraded. Even the functions and features are boosted by the company to ensure that it will be fitting for the complex demands of internet users these days. It is a good thing that it functions on wireless N technology because this results to faster internet connection which remains steady. Since it is highly-durable and powerful, it can be used for home and SOHO.

TheProductSite Overall Router Score: 8.5 /10

If you are looking on how buy, upgrade or setup the Sagem 2304N Router then visit ( for expert friendly advice that will explain to you how to update the firmware to fix any router bugs.


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