Internet Service Providers for your business – what to consider

Internet Service Providers for your business – what to considerIn this day and age, the internet is an essential that your business can’t afford to be without. Whether it’s creating digital invoices, allowing staff to work remotely, engaging in high definition video conferencing, keeping on top of breaking social media conversations, talking to your customers via live chat support or backing up what matters with cloud storage, the way to get business to boom is to get it online.

But don’t believe for a second that all providers are the same old, same old. You can expect more than just a generous download limit; the best enterprise providers can also offer call centre solutions, cloud services, security services, remote working VPN options, 24/7 support, static IP addressing and much more. Consider your business ISP to less of a service and more of a communications solution.

Before you start approaching business broadband providers, make a list of what is essential to your company and what is desirable. You’ll want to find an ISP that can confidently deliver the essentials and be flexible enough to provide the desirables as your company grows. Do you want a cheaper DSL (digital subscriber line), or a more contemporary cable service? Better still, you may want to jump ahead of the curve with a superior fibre broadband and telephone solution.

Also be sure to look into whether or not the government-backed SuperConnected Cities scheme is relevant in your area – you could cut your installation fees and monthly charges thanks to their vouchers.

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a business broadband provider is their guarantee – a solid guarantee and peace of mind from day one means that they believe in their own service and should something go wrong, it’ll get fixed before your customers are affected.

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