How to test my broadband speed?

A slow Internet connection can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are online for work or for important things. The slowness can be a bit difficult to resolve because they are often caused by a wide variety of things. It could be the network traffic on the site that you are currently visiting, low bandwidth on the network itself, network problems on the end of your Internet service provider, connection problems in your area, or even software problems in your computers can all result to frustratingly slow connections. The first step toward solving this problem is to test your connection speed in order to identify potential problems.

The first thing that you should do when your connection starts slowing down significantly is to reset all the devices. If your connection has been running continuously for long periods of time, it can start to register network timeouts and other such common errors that can make your broadband connection run slower than it actually is. Before running any broadband speed checker, you could simply push the reset button on your modem or perform a powercycle on your home network. If the reset button does not yield the results that you want, you can unplug your modem for a full thirty seconds to a minute. Plug your modem back in and restart your computer to allow the modem to completely reboot before starting to perform another speed check.

You should also remember to bypass any home networking devices. This category includes routers, switches, hubs, and other home networking equipment, which can significantly slow down a connection if they are having issues or experiencing malfunction. Locate the Ethernet cable that is directly connected to your broadband modem and trace it down to determine which part of your computer it is plugged into. If it is not plugged into an Ethernet port, unplug the cable and place it into an Ethernet port in your computer. Reset the modem and restart your computer again to see if there are any changes. Also, you will need to reset your connection before attempting to test the speed of your broadband service again.

After you have done the steps described above, you can go online and look for a broadband speed checker. These tools are typically free and you can easily access them in your browser window—there is no need to buy anything or download any software. You can go to the search engine of your choice and just type in “broadband speed checker” and you will be presented with a lot of application options. To evaluate the results of the tests, you can compare the average upload and download speeds on all your tests to the connection speeds that your Internet service provider has guaranteed that you will receive.

However, before you use any online broadband speed checker, make sure that you select a location that is physically closest to where your home and office is to get the most accurate speed test results at all times.

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