How to Port Forward a Sky SR101 Router

Are you thinking of port forwarding your Sky SR101 Router? Then you do not have to rely solely on the expert technicians from the company. This is a task which may entail some technical procedures. The good thing is that even the newbies can accomplish port forwarding if they are familiar with the settings of the router’s interface.

When it comes to port forwarding the Sky SR101 Router, it would be necessary to manually set the private IP address setting of the computer. This is necessary to be able to perform DHCP. This procedure leads to recovery of the address from the computer.

It is important to determine the type of connection that the computer uses. Is it a wired internet or wi-fi? For computers which utilize cable connection or Ethernet connection, the user has to access the Local Area Connection. For those who access the internet via wi-fi, open the window for Wireless Connection. Either way, there are certain details which need to be set by the user. Among which are the default gateway, IPv4 address, DNS server settings and subnet mask. Before exiting the window, it is important to check if the DHCP Enabled is activated.

To finalize the activation for port forwarding for Sky SR101 Router, it is important to open the Control Panel and then access the Network Sharing Center. See where the preferred network connection is and right click on it to show the Properties option.

When doing port forwarding for Sky SR101 Router, the most crucial part is determining the initial IP and the end IP. This makes it possible to establish the sharing between computers, devices and programs. Some port forwarding techniques do not work correctly because the details for the beginning and end IP are incorrect. Keep in mind that a single wrong input can lead to port forwarding problems.

Among the links which can be used when port forwarding for Sky SR101 Router are the following:

When any of these are opened in the web browser, then another window will open up which will ask for the Sky Broadband username and password.

The default username and password should be provided by Sky when the Sky SR101 Router is first handed to their customer. If in case the details have been forgotten or lost, it would be necessary to call the customer assistance hotline of Sky. For those who changed the details at some point, and then the new ones will be used. The right username and password allows the user to log in to the interface.

Once the username and password is recognized, then the interface would show up. The user can then tailor the settings of the Sky SR101 Router so that port forwarding can be done successfully.

For people who are having trouble with port forwarding techniques, Sky also offers assistance via phone. Aside from that, customers may also request for their professional technician to drop by their place and arrange the details for port forwarding their Sky SR101 Router.

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