How to Find My TalkTalk Router Address?

If you are using a TalkTalk router with your TalkTalk broadband service, you should know the address of your router. Not to be confused with the IP address, a router address is the address that lets you access the configuration settings and account settings of your router. Anytime you need to change some settings or check your account details, you need to input this address into any web browser and you will be directed to the router configuration page.

Here are some of the basic things you can do on the router configuration page:

• Rename the router
• Setting and showing the system time and date
• Setting and changing a password
• Accessing and modifying router security settings
• Accessing and modifying parental control settings (block adult sites and limit internet use)

You can also use this page for:

• Internet connection setup
• Wireless (Wi-Fi) setup
• LAN (Local Area Network) setup

Your TalkTalk router comes with a default router address that can be used to access these settings. The router address is also known as the default gateway to avoid confusion. This, however, is usually the same for different routers, regardless of brand, since these are default addresses. Thus, there are only a few choices, and in case you are pressed for time and don’t have time to search through your manual, you can simply try two of the most commonly used default router addresses:


These default addresses work for most of the router brands that TalkTalk supports, which include D-Link, Netgear, and Speedtouch, among others.

Some Netgear models, however, also use, while some Speedtouch models use or Some D-Link models also use,, or

If you need to be certain, however, you can check the user manual that came with your router. All router manufacturers include this information in the manual as it is necessary for the proper operation of the router.

If in case you’ve lost your router password, there is still one way to find out the exact router address of your TalkTalk router. Just go to the DOS Command Prompt on your computer and type in the IPCONFIG command. This will bring you to a small DOS window, where important information about your network will be listed. Your default gateway will be listed under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection, along with the IP address and the subnet mask.

Now, to complete your access into the router configuration settings of your TalkTalk router, you will need to provide a username and password when prompted. For most routers, the default username and password is a variation of admin such as admin, administrator, ADMIN, and so on. This is to be entered in both fields. However, in some cases, you only need to provide the username and then leave the password blank.

As with the router address, it is best to just look at your TalkTalk router’s packaging, as such pertinent information are usually provided readily for your use. However, if you decide to change your username and password for your router, make sure to write them down in a secure place that you can easily remember so you can simply check when you forget the information.

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