How to Connect My Router to TalkTalk Broadband?

If you have just received your router from TalkTalk, you now need to install the router and connect it to your TalkTalk broadband or fibre service. Installation instructions can be found on the user’s manual that came with your router. Generally, you just need to follow the onscreen instructions provided by the installation wizard, which will also be given to you on a CD.

When to connect your wireless router to TalkTalk broadband

But after installing your TalkTalk router, you still need to connect it to your TalkTalk broadband service so you can start using the Internet. To do this, you will need to access and adjust certain settings in your router.

Take note that aside from the initial connection setup, you might also need to reconnect your router to TalkTalk broadband in case you accidentally or intentionally do a hard reset on your router. This will essentially wipe all your settings, so you will need to reconfigure the router and connect it to your broadband service again.

Since your router does not have buttons or an LCD panel on it, you have to do all adjustments on your computer. For convenience and accessibility purposes, the configuration settings of your router can be accessed by opening a web browser and typing in a router address.

Setting up your TalkTalk router

If you’re ready to connect your router to TalkTalk broadband, you simply have to access the configuration settings of your router. To do so, just enter or your correct router address (if it is different) into any web browser. After doing so, you will be prompted for a username and a password. If you haven’t changed them, just enter the default provided in the manual.

Once you’re in the configuration page, check to make sure all your router settings are complete and are set to the right options. This will trigger the connection process to begin.

The router to TalkTalk broadband connection process

First, the modem in the router synchronizes with the local exchange, which you will need to prompt by selecting the right settings.

Once this is done, the router logs on to the ISP, which is why you will be asked to enter a username and password, not for the router, but for the broadband connection. These details are provided to you in the welcome letter you will receive upon subscribing to TalkTalk.

Once the router is logged onto the ISP, you can simply press the Connect button to access TalkTalk’s broadband Internet service. Click OK to save the settings.

Testing your Talk Talk Internet connection

After saving all settings, open a new browser or a new tab and enter If you are able to access the site, it means that you are successfully connected to the Internet. If you are unable to access the site, reset your password and try again before you call for help.

Going wireless

The instructions above will connect you via Ethernet. You also have the option to go wireless. All you need to do is set up a wireless network using your computer while you are connected to your Ethernet-based Internet connection. Once you have a wireless network, you can disconnect your Ethernet cable and connect to your wireless network.

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