How Do I Upgrade My TalkTalk Router?

TalkTalk recently announced that it would now provide free routers to all its subscribers. However, sometimes, the router they provide does not match the needs of the subscriber. For a subscriber who uses the Internet a lot, needs fast networking, needs a greater range of signal, or needs more port, a basic wireless router may not do, so an upgrade may be necessary.

TalkTalk subscribers for broadband Internet can upgrade the free router they receive from TalkTalk. All they have to do is upgrade the broadband service package they are subscribed to.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) has designed its free router packages based on the idea that the broadband Internet connection level matches the capabilities of the router it comes with. This means that if a consumer avails of a basic Internet package, his needs are limited; this also means he won’t require a highly robust and advanced router, as the consumer will not be able to maximize the capabilities of the router anyway since he is limited by his basic connection package.

Thus, if the needs of the consumer are greater, TalkTalk advises that he should also avail of a higher package, which automatically comes with a router that’s specifically tested and chosen to maximize the quality of the corresponding broadband service.

So in order to upgrade your TalkTalk router for free, first make an honest assessment of your needs as an Internet user. If you feel that your current router has limited capabilities, chances are that your broadband Internet package also needs upgrading. Then, once you have a clear view of your needs, you can check out TalkTalk’s existing broadband service packages and choose one.

You also have the option to simply update the firmware of your router to access some updated capabilities that the router manufacturer has so far released since the time you received your router. These firmware updates can therefore improve the overall performance and quality of your router, and can even fix known issues. This can usually solve any problem you may have with your router so you won’t need to make an upgrade.

If you are certain that you need to upgrade your TalkTalk router but you are not willing or do not need to upgrade your broadband Internet package, you can also buy your own upgrade router. TalkTalk has a list of supported router devices that range from basic ones (wireless 150g and 150b) to more robust ones (wireless 300n with USB ports). Even if you are not able to get your upgraded router from the company, it is still best if you choose a router that is included in the list of devices that TalkTalk supports.

As an ISP, TalkTalk is aware of the limitations and capabilities of its Internet service. Thus, they are in the best position to determine which routers are most ideal to be used alongside their broadband services.

If you do decide to buy an upgrade router, it is good if you do some research and comparison shopping first. List down the features that you would like to have, so you can simply check whether the wireless router of your choice meets all these requirements.

If you want to know how to upgrade your TalkTalk router to a wireless n grade model then visit ( for expert friendly advice that will explain to you which wireless router is the best for your needs. The Product Site aims to help customers find the best wireless routers for them by offering a needs-oriented shopping experience. The site also offers a range of router articles, tips, and materials to guide shoppers on finding the right type of router and ISP for their streaming media, downloading music albums or online gaming needs.

5 thoughts on “How Do I Upgrade My TalkTalk Router?

  1. I received your letter of 9/9/2013 offering a free ROUTER. I have found it difficult to get anywhere on the details etc. My account number is 1000092809

    Perhaps you can help me to get the free new router

    Many thanks J.Taylor

  2. Like several other users I received a letter from TalkTalk several weeks ago telling me to apply for a free upgrade Router. I have tried many ways to get the router even having phoned TalkTalk several weeks ago and assured the Router would be sent within a week to 10 days. Several weeks have now passed and still no router. I do feel that TalkTalk is giving us the run around.

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