How Do I Change My TalkTalk Router Password?

Changing the password of your TalkTalk router is necessary to make your wireless broadband network secure and safe from intruders. Although the password provided by default along with your router is also secure, it is very random and may therefore be very difficult to remember. Thus, it would be best if you change your router password to a password that means something to you or one that you yourself create. This way, it will be easy for you to remember. However, make sure you choose one that can provide your network with a high level of security.

The steps on how to change your TalkTalk router password may differ based on the type of router you are using. Some TalkTalk users are therefore using D-Link routers while some are using Netgear routers. These are the two most commonly used router brands that TalkTalk supports. Aside from these, other supported brands include SpeedTouch, Siemens, Philips, and Huawei.

With all these different brands, there is no one common process on how to change your TalkTalk router password as some steps and some terminologies you will encounter along the way will most likely vary. However, most steps follow a standard overall process, so here’s a guide that can help you change your TalkTalk router password, regardless of the brand you are using.

Step 1: The first step is to access your TalkTalk router’s administrative settings, which you can get to by typing into any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox). This will take you to a router log on screen.

Step 2: At this point, you will be asked to provide a username and a password. Enter “admin” in both fields, as this is the default for most routers, regardless of brand.

Step 3: Once logged in, you can now access your router’s configuration settings and make any changes as needed. This also means you can now change your router password. Configuration settings are usually classified by type, so navigate to the correct type and look for the field that allows you to change your router password. In most cases, the option to change your TalkTalk router password will be found under “administrative settings” or “account settings.”

Step 4: Choose a new password that meets the standard guidelines for password strength. This password needs to be entered twice for verification purposes. This simple ensures that you did not accidentally type your password wrong the first time. Passwords, when entered, do not show up onscreen but are instead replaced by dots for security purposes. If you don’t have a password in mind yet, here are some basic reminders when creating a password. First, make sure it is something that is hard to guess or hard to spell. Second, despite this, your password should be easy for you to remember. Third, passwords are case-sensitive; using both uppercase and lowercase letters make your password harder to crack. Fourth, passwords should preferably contain a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 5: Save your new settings and exit your TalkTalk router configuration panel by closing your browser. Your new router password will immediately take effect.

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