Choosing a router for your business that can handle greater traffic

Choosing a router for your business that can handle greater traffic

It’s a well-known fact that the demands of a business broadband connection are often far greater than a residential user’s needs, but how many SMEs stop to think about the kind of routers they’re sending their internet through?

Even a superfast, future proof broadband connection can be hampered by a bad router, as it’s the router that splits the signal to different devices and regulates the output.

There’s also the issue of security – as a business owner, it’s vital that your company data remains locked up but also that follow staff members have access when and where they need it.

Some consumer routers can support around a dozen devices but if you’re serious about business broadband, you’ll want to extend your reach and look into options that are scalable and powerful enough for you. Remember, speed levels aren’t everything.

Small business routers can usually allow wifi to penetrate a two-storey office space while providing enough hardwired Ethernet ports for computers, printers and access points. They’re also a lot cheaper, but keep in mind that these have been designed for single and small family usage.

Of course, as you expand you’ll want to consider more powerful options such as UTM (unified threat management) gateways, VPN (virtual private network) routers and more robust firewalls. A professional should set these up if you’re not confident. As with any major business purchase, it’s essential that you shop around, gain an understanding of your specific needs and discuss the options with multiple providers before rushing into a decision.

Consider a business router as an investment rather than a quick fix.

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