Can I Use My TalkTalk Router for Another Broadband Provider?

Different broadband services can mostly use different types of routers, so you are free to choose your router. This also means that if you are subscribed to another broadband service provider, you can use a router that previously came from TalkTalk, as long as the new provider does not tell you that your specific router’s model is not compatible with their service.

Likewise, TalkTalk does not disallow using a TalkTalk router for other broadband providers. Routers can be reset to factory default settings and can thus be re-configured and connected to other broadband services. The only problem is, TalkTalk will no longer provide support for a TalkTalk router that is being used for another broadband provider. Likewise, your broadband provider will not provide support for a router that has the TalkTalk name on it.

If you are a new broadband subscriber, chances are that your broadband service will come with a free router. Thus, it is best if you use this router instead of your TalkTalk one.

The same conditions apply if you are planning to use a router from another broadband provider for TalkTalk. Keep in mind that ISPs often choose the best routers that can maximize the quality potential of their own broadband service. They choose routers based on the specifications in relation to the specs of the broadband package the consumers choose. Thus, their recommended router is the best partner for your broadband connection.

However, if you have an old TalkTalk router that you are no longer using, then you can certainly use it like any regular router. Check its brand name and model so you can seek online support for it in case you encounter some problems.

The common TalkTalk routers provided by the ISP include the following:

1. D-Link TalkTalk Router:
a. D-Link DSL-2680 Router
b. D-Link DSL-2780 Router
c. D-Link DSL-2640R Router
d. D-Link DSL-2740R Router

2. Huawei TalkTalk Router:
a. Huawei HG521 Router
b. Huawei HG532 Router
c. Huawei HG520b Router

3. Netgear TalkTalk Router:
a. Netgear DG834PM Router
b. Netgear DGN2000 Router

All of them are from reputable, well-known brands, so it is easy to seek support and tips on how to properly install, set up, and configure them. Take note, however, that when you set up and configure an old TalkTalk router, you will be asked for two sets of usernames and passwords:

Router password – The router address is router-based, so it remains the same regardless of what broadband service you are using your router with. By default, this is “admin” for both the username and the password. However, this can be changed, so if you’ve changed it and can’t remember the details, you can just reset the router and bring back its default settings. Since you are going to configure it for a new connection anyway, resetting the router would be a natural part of the process.
Broadband password – You will also be asked for a username and a password for your broadband service. For TalkTalk, this is originally given via a welcome letter. However, since you are now using a different broadband provider, this set of username and password will be provided by them.

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  1. sir,
    i am having a talktalk HUAWEI HG523a model Broadband Wireless N150ADSL2+ router , and i would like to use it with another broadband connection {RELIANCE} in India, Please guide me to configure it and use it. I have no knowledge so give me the guidance from the basics,and step by step information. thanking you

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