Top 5 MPLS Providers

MPLS is an amazing technology which could deliver impressive benefits for both small and big scale businesses. It has to be noted though that the amount of benefits that a business can enjoy will depend on the reliability of the service provider. Continue reading

Top 5 DIA Providers

Spending the company’s money to get DIA or Dedicated Internet Access should be done more carefully. It is important to take some time in comparing deals and scrutinizing the inclusions for the packages. Since there are too many options in the market these days, it might take a while before a decision is made. Continue reading

What is a DIA? (Direct Internet Access)

DIA is becoming a popular option for businesses these days when it comes to network connection. It can not be denied that for workplace and commercial establishments, it is very important to have a greater bandwidth and much faster speed. For such concerns, many entrepreneurs rely on DIA to resolve their networking dilemma. Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Leased Lines

The benefits of having a leased line are almost innumerable. However, here are the top five reasons why entrepreneurs should also jump into this technology, whether they have a wide-scale, multimillion company or a small home office set-up with remote branches. Continue reading

How can start-up businesses benefit from mobile technology?

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence, the mobile worker population worldwide will achieve 1.3 billion by 2015. This rising trend is increasing throughout the decade, especially because mobile technologies allow companies to be more flexible and efficient with their work. Portable devices such as laptops enable employees to respond to requests immediately, travel around with their projects and keep up with their agenda in a more integrated manner. The big companies are using it, the medium companies as well. So the question is how do start-ups benefit from mobile technologies and trends?  Continue reading

What is a Leased Line?

A leased line is a premium internet connection that is provided for business establishments these days. In the U.K., this is also referred to as Private Circuit or Data Line. When businesses opt for a leased line, they would need to settle a contract with an internet service provider and this paves way to the creation of a symmetric communications line between a main location and several other branches. Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of MPLS

Some entrepreneurs think that MPLS is a technology which is appropriate only for bigger companies and large-scale businesses. The truth is, it is also a worthy investment even for SOHO or smaller business establishments because of all the convenience and benefits that it could bring. Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of DIA (Direct Internet Access)

DIA or Dedicated Internet access would not be such a popular option if not for the fact that it does deliver amazing results. Since businesses these days have more and more complex needs when it comes to networking and internet connection, it is important to find solutions which will satisfy these needs. With DIA, entrepreneurs are able to experience awesome connection which is vital in pushing the progress of their business. Continue reading