What are the best unlimited broadband deals in 2012?

Most British households—in fact, millions of them—pay around twenty pounds too much for their broadband packages, according to a recent survey conducted by a price comparison website. While twenty pounds a month might not be alarming for many, if you multiply them by twelve months every year, the sum arrives at £240, which can be used by the household for other important expenses. Continue reading

What is Mobile Broadband?

This is a question that many people thinking of switching or upgrading their Internet plans are asking. In a nutshell, the term mobile broadband is a marketing title used for “wireless Internet access through a portable modem, mobile phone, a USB wireless modem, or other mobile devices.” Mobile broadband is simply Internet that the user can bring wherever he or she goes freely and easily. However, most people who want to know what mobile broadband really is wish to know more about this type of service. Continue reading

How to test my broadband speed?

A slow Internet connection can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are online for work or for important things. The slowness can be a bit difficult to resolve because they are often caused by a wide variety of things. It could be the network traffic on the site that you are currently visiting, low bandwidth on the network itself, network problems on the end of your Internet service provider, connection problems in your area, or even software problems in your computers can all result to frustratingly slow connections. The first step toward solving this problem is to test your connection speed in order to identify potential problems. Continue reading

Which broadband provider is best?

The question “which broadband provider is best?” is probably the most asked question when the conversation veers toward the topic of Internet connections. There are various answers to this, as different people have different connection requirements and different opinions on customer service. Continue reading

What are the top 10 broadband providers?

People nowadays are becoming more and more reliant with their Internet connections. Over the last few years, the Internet has evolved from just being the kingdom of “nerds” and “geeks” to a ubiquitous medium that every modern citizen uses for communication, information gathering, entertainment, work, and a host of other important things. However, not everyone gets the kind of Internet service that they need and want—and people are always on the lookout for great deals from different companies from all over the country. Continue reading

What are the top 10 broadband speed checkers?

In this day and age, more and more people have become reliant on their Internet connections for their leisurely and professional activities. It is very important for many people to have a fast, secure, and stable Internet connection for all the communication, social networking, entertainment, work-related, and other essential activities in their lives. However, not a lot of people get the broadband connection speeds that they have been promised. There are unscrupulous Internet service providers that promise unrealistic speeds to potential customers, but when these people sign up for the service, they do not even receive half of the speeds they were promised. Continue reading

What are the best broadband deals in my area?

Many people nowadays are consistently looking for the best deals they can find on various products and services that they need and want. In these times of global economic difficulties, people cannot be really faulted about being such bargain-hounds. If you are considering subscribing to a broadband connection or renewing your existing account, you might be wondering where to find the best broadband deals in your area. Continue reading

How to select the best broadband deals?

In this day and age of global economic difficulties, our choices in different services that we subscribe to can make a big difference in our bank accounts. The Internet is one of the most important utilities for the modern citizen—it allows people to communicate with other people from different parts of the world, shop for various kinds of products and services, be entertained and informed, and a whole lot more. A broadband connection is a great way to get all of these things done, because unlike dial-up 56k modems in the past, this type of connection provides user with a higher data rate access to the Internet. This allows them to maximize the current capabilities of both the Internet and their computers. Continue reading

Why compare broadband deals?

In this day and age, almost everybody is plugged into the Internet. International communication, retail and wholesale shopping, entertainment, and even business can be conducted over the Internet nowadays, which makes it imperative for people to have a fast, reliable, and secure broadband connection. However, before you sign up for any kind of broadband deal, make sure that you compare different packages from different companies first. Continue reading

How to use a broadband speed checker?

Have you ever had problems with your broadband Internet connection? If you have been using your Internet connection regularly for around six hours or so every day—or just long enough to notice that there are inconsistencies and issues with your connection—then you might have been incredibly frustrated about not being able to get the connection speeds that you have been promised. Most people have had connection issues in the past, and these problems have, more often than not, occurred when they needed their Internet connection to perform at its best. Continue reading