What is the Best Wireless Router for TalkTalk?

TalkTalk now offers free wireless routers to all subscribers of its broadband Internet service. However, some people still choose to buy their own routers. Some old subscribers also need to invest in a wireless router since they were unable to avail of the relatively new offer. In such cases, customers would collectively ask, “What is the best wireless router for TalkTalk?” Continue reading

What Is My TalkTalk Wireless Router Password?

As a subscriber of TalkTalk, you may have been given a wireless router to use for your broadband Internet. In order to use your router, you will need to set it up, during which you will be asked for a password. Continue reading

What are the TalkTalk Router Settings for Huawei HG521?

Do you need to connect to TalkTalk’s broadband service using your Huawei HG521 router? The Huawei HG521 is one of the routers that TalkTalk offers to its subscribers for free as long as they avail of the right broadband package from the ISP. TalkTalk offers support for this router and the rest of its supported routers. Continue reading

What are the TalkTalk Router Settings for HG520b?

If you have recently received the Huawei EchoLife HG520b router as part of your TalkTalk broadband Internet package, you can install and configure it so you can use your Internet connection. There are two ways to use the router: wired and wireless. Follow the instructions below for both types of installations. Continue reading

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router Review

TalkTalk has recently unveiled its new wireless router, the Huawei HG533. This will be provided for free to all subscribers of TalkTalk’s Plus package. The newest router was revealed upon the publication of the trial that TalkTalk had conducted on it recently. Continue reading

If I Upgrade my TalkTalk Router, will it improve my Broadband Speed and Connection Problems?

Routers come in many different types. Some have mostly basic specifications, while others can support higher connection specs. TalkTalk offers free routers for their broadband service subscribers, but the type of router they provide is matched with the kind of service you avail of. For example, if you avail of the basic package from TalkTalk, you will also get a basic router. But if you avail of the ISP’s Plus package, you will get the new Huawei HG533 router, which is already equipped with Fibre Optic support as well as TalkTalk YouView support. Continue reading

How to Setup My TalkTalk D-Link DSL-2680 Router?

TalkTalk provides free routers to subscribers of its broadband Internet service. These routers are considered as the best to use with your TalkTalk package as they have been tested by the ISP itself. One of these routers is the D-Link DSL-2680, a popular model from well-known router manufacturer, D-Link. Continue reading

What are the TalkTalk Router Settings for A Fibre Connection (FTTC)?

TalkTalk introduced its Fibre Optic Boost upgrade in 2011 and offered it as a broadband service add-on. The new service, which is optional, will use FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) technology to increase download speeds to up to 40 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps. TalkTalk offered the option to all TalkTalk customers who are subscribed to the company’s phone and broadband packages or to the ISP’s Plus package, which comes with a TalkTalk line rental. Continue reading

How to Find My TalkTalk Router Address?

If you are using a TalkTalk router with your TalkTalk broadband service, you should know the address of your router. Not to be confused with the IP address, a router address is the address that lets you access the configuration settings and account settings of your router. Anytime you need to change some settings or check your account details, you need to input this address into any web browser and you will be directed to the router configuration page. Continue reading

How to Enable UPnP on a TalkTalk Router?

If you are a subscriber of the TalkTalk broadband service, you will be provided with a free wireless router that you can use for your connection. If you are quite the gadget aficionado and you often find yourself trying to connect other devices to your router, you have the option to activate UPnP or Universal Plug and Play on your router. This will make it easy for you to connect your devices, such as gaming consoles (Xbox360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii), to your network. The instructions for enabling UPnP for each router may differ depending on the brand of your router. Here are some basic instructions that can help you out. Continue reading