How Do You Change the TalkTalk WiFi Password?

When you are subscribed to a TalkTalk broadband Internet service and are using a TalkTalk router, you need to maintain two different username and password combinations. The first is your router username and password, which you will need to access the configuration settings of your router. This is set by the manufacturer of the router you are using, so it will most likely be printed on the manual of your router. You are free to change this password to make your router settings more secure and to make the password easier for you to remember. Continue reading

How Do I Setup My Talktalk Wireless Router?

To setup your Talktalk wireless router, you simply have to follow the simple steps listed below. These steps differ depending on the brand of your router, and are listed here according to each brand. The different brands listed below are the main router brands that Talktalk provides service for. Continue reading

How Do I Find My TalkTalk Router WEP Key?

A WEP key is a security code, like a password, that is used mainly to protect some wireless networks. The WEP key, which stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, allows a group of devices connected to one local network to exchange encoded messages with each other securely and privately so that outsiders will not be able to access their messages. For the devices to be able to communicate with each other, they should all have matching WEP keys. Continue reading

How Do I Reset My Talktalk Router?

If for some reason you forgot your router’s password or if you had it set up by someone else, you can always reset your Talktalk router to its default factory settings. Sometimes the need to do so can also be because of internet connection problems, which, as every internet user can agree on, is something that can be very frustrating. There is no need to worry too much, however. Continue reading

How Do I Get A Wireless Router from TalkTalk?

If you want to have a broadband Internet connection at home and a wireless router to go with it, one easy way of getting both is to avail of TalkTalk’s special offer, which grants all new broadband subscribers a free wireless broadband router. The free wireless router is provided automatically to all TalkTalk subscribers who signed up for a subscription since the freebie was introduced. This offer applies automatically to all new subscribers, so they do not need to do anything to receive the freebie. The offer also extends to subscribers who availed of TalkTalk’s offer either online or through the company hotline. Continue reading

How Do I Change My TalkTalk Router Password?

Changing the password of your TalkTalk router is necessary to make your wireless broadband network secure and safe from intruders. Although the password provided by default along with your router is also secure, it is very random and may therefore be very difficult to remember. Thus, it would be best if you change your router password to a password that means something to you or one that you yourself create. This way, it will be easy for you to remember. However, make sure you choose one that can provide your network with a high level of security. Continue reading

How Do I Access My TalkTalk Router?

Almost every wireless broadband Internet user using a router will need to access his or her router settings at one point. These settings allow you to make changes to your wireless network, if necessary, and to re-configure your wireless connection, in case you had to reset your password. These settings also offer security options that can help you keep your network secure. Also, some people say, by experience, that if they encounter some problems with their wireless connection, resetting their routers and reconfiguring the connection sometimes helps improve the connection. Thus, knowing how to access your TalkTalk router settings can be very useful. Continue reading

What are my TalkTalk Router Settings?

If you are still using a TalkTalk router for your TalkTalk Broadband, then you first need to set up your router for it to be able to connect to your broadband service. However, if you are a TalkTalk subscriber who is using a USB modem instead of a router, then there is no need to set it up as it already comes pre-configured. Continue reading

Can I Use My TalkTalk Router for Another Broadband Provider?

Different broadband services can mostly use different types of routers, so you are free to choose your router. This also means that if you are subscribed to another broadband service provider, you can use a router that previously came from TalkTalk, as long as the new provider does not tell you that your specific router’s model is not compatible with their service. Continue reading