What Wireless Router is Best for YouTube?

Are you fed up with videos from YouTube which keeps on freezing midway through a video? Or have you lost your patience because you are always spending so much time just waiting for the videos to start buffering and actually start playing at a decent speed?

If you constantly rely on YouTube for your music videos, movie clips, step by step demonstrations it really is quite frustrating if you have to deal with jittery and hard to load videos. Before you put all the blame to YouTube, maybe it is better to stop for a while and see if your wireless router can actually give you excellent signal. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is Best for Vimeo?

Since Vimeo was launched in 2004, the popularity of this video sharing site has really gone through the roof. A lot of people got hooked to the various HD videos which can be uploaded, shared and viewed through this site.

There is no doubt that the video hosting service from Vimeo has really impressed thousands of people across the globe. Are you one of those who could not last a day without checking what’s new on Vimeo? If your answer is yes, then maybe it is time for you to check if your router will also give you the best performance so that you can maximize the use of Vimeo especially the beautiful high resolution videos which suck a lot of bandwidth. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is Best for Online PC Gaming?

Online PC gaming has higher performance requirement when it comes to an internet connection. When the internet connection is poor, the HD graphics would take a long time before they load up resulting in a high ping and this in turn means laggy gameplay. Your gaming actions would not register easily too, as you might shoot an evil baddie but it may not respond fast enough and may even result in the baddie shooting you instead, total frustration. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is Best for Netflix?

The enjoyment that you can get when utilizing Netflix is highly dependent on the performance of your internet. Netflix does an amazing job when it comes to streaming videos and movies to your computer, TV or other portable devices. So long as you can access the channel or the software application which will allow you to browse through Netflix, you are on your way to enjoying the different contents. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is Best for Hulu?

Hulu is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, website when it comes to on demand video streaming of the very latest TV shows and films. This site has successfully collected all major TV shows, movies, clips, videos and a whole lot of other video materials in one portal. Are you captivated by this website too?

Hulu provides excellent quality when it comes to the videos that they stream. You will see that some are in Flash video format while there are others that are in 288p, 460p, 480p and even 720 HD (High Definition Format). For other formats like the ones in 288p and 460p, loading and watching the video would not be much of a problem. However, if you want to access the 480p and 720 HD videos, your wireless router which can already be considered as an antique would certainly not do the job. It is time for you to get rid of the old and embrace the new technology when it comes to wireless routers. Continue reading

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What Wireless Router is Best for Channel 4 On Demand (4OD)?

Picking the best router which will enable you to enjoy Channel 4 On Demand or 4oD seamlessly without any buffering is not an easy task. Are you confused as to which one you should pick too?

Before you even get all too baffled with the options that you can see in the market, the best thing to do is to sit down and enumerate the specifications that you need. That way, you can instantly trim down your options and pinpoint which one will work best for 4oD or any other media streaming service. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is Best for BBC iPlayer?

If you need your daily fix of Eastenders or Masterchef that your BBC iPlayer can give you, then it is imperative to have a wireless router which will give you the connection that you need. Since BBC iPlayer is a software application which can be accessed from different devices, being stuck in one corner of the house just to get the service is not a good thing. When you have a router, you will be able to receive signal anywhere within the house and nothing else can stop you from enjoying the free BBC iPlayer service. Continue reading

What Wireless Router is the Best for Apple iPad3?

Using your new Apple iPad 3 is a lot more fun if you are not having trouble with your internet connection, right?

If you have been having problems with your connections (drop outs, poor buffering and slow surfing) and it hinders you from maximizing the use of your Apple iPad 3, then it is time for you to get the right WiFi router to make sure you get full bandwidth from your internet connection no matter how many WiFi devices are connected. Continue reading

What Wireless Card Do I Have?

The ability to connect to wireless networks has become very important recently. Wi Fi services can be found almost everywhere and you can connect to the internet whenever you need to wherever you are. However, the speed of your wireless connection will really depend on what type of wireless card you have. Here is a brief explanation of what defines the speed of wireless connections and how to check the wireless card on your laptop. Continue reading