What is the Best ADSL2 Router?

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ADSL2 is the new standard used in using Internet connectivity for telephone connections. It is designed to work with twice the speed of ADSL. This means that an ADSL2 connection can achieve up to 24Mbps for downloads and 3.5Mbps for uploads. If you need to use your existing Internet connection for ADSL2, you can do so by sharing your Internet connection through a router. This way, your ADSL2 can have the connection it needs, while you can still use your connection for your regular web surfing needs. Continue reading

What Router do I Have?


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If you’ve been experiencing problems with your shared Internet connection, one of the first things you should check is your router. Keep in mind that even if you have a high-speed Internet connection, if you have a poorly performing router, you won’t enjoy your Internet usage experience. Thus, you may want to consider replacing your router. And of course, so you can be sure to upgrade to a better one, you need to know exactly what kind of internet router you have and what it means for you. Continue reading

What Router do I Need?


What router?

If you’re in need of a new router, you’re in for a challenging task. Routers come in many different types, and they differ mostly based on technical specs. This is why differentiating them can be very difficult for someone who is not as familiar with the technical aspects of routers. To help you figure your way out the router maze, here are some useful and basic tips on choosing the appropriate router for you. Continue reading

What Router is the Best for Online Gaming?

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Finding a router that can meet your high gaming requirements is not hard since there are lots of excellent choices on the market. In fact, there are routers made especially for gaming purposes. These routers are designed to provide you with a smooth online gaming experience and protect you from connection lags as long as it is connected to a speedy Internet connection. Continue reading

What is the Best Cable Router?

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If you’re still using cable Internet in your home, you will need a cable router to transfer your Internet connection signal from your cable modem to the computers in your home. There are a lot of cable routers on the market, so it is understandable if you’ll need a little help deciding on which to buy. Here are some of the most widely recommended cable routers on the market. Continue reading

What WiFi Router is the Best for Google Android?


If you have a Google Android device, you can skip the data service and just use your existing Internet connection by buying a wireless router. This will allow you to share your connection between your computer and your mobile device (e.g. HTC Sensation XL, Sony Experia), smartphone (HTC Evo 3D, Samsung Galaxy Nexus) or tablet (Galaxy Tab, Xoom 2). Continue reading